Your Suburban Life - Are You Ready?

Your Suburban Life - Are You Ready?


Hot Brooklyn neighborhoods come with exorbitant pricetags. Familiar names like Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Sunset Park, Kensington, Clinton Hill and a host of others are rarely within reach for young families.


For example, a modest $489,000 can buy you a 1 or 2 bedroom/one bath co-op/condo; on average between 750 and 850 sq. ft. No parking, no outdoor space and to call it move-in ready would be a huge stretch of anyone's imagination.


Compare that to a renovated 2/3 bedroom/ 2 bath home, a reasonable commute away, and you can easily tack on a backyard, basement, garage and twice the square footage to that description.


Easy decision? Hardly. 


But you will have plenty of time to flirt with different scenarios while you consider this huge transition.


Your renting years are behind you and you are finally ready to buy. Are you prepared to leave city life behind?


That will depend on whether size or location is your priority and the value you place on amenities.


If everything you need to be happy can be found within the radius of a few miles, then it will not be difficult for you to do without the extras found just an hour's commute away.


Commuting time will definitely cut into your work-life balance. It will also cost and, of course, the possibility exists that a fierce winter storm may leave you stranded and uttering more than a few choice words.


With only one child, a small city apartment may be more than adequate. With a growing family, it may be tight although apartment dwellers often resort to  personal space hastily erected from a combination of room dividers and bonus living room square footage.


In other words, if city living is important to you, you can make it work. The many generations that came before us did just that.


More important than space, however, may be the freedom that comes with owning your own house.


As a child, I expended great energy roller skating in my basement on days too cold and rainy to be outside. Can your children hop, skip and jump in the apartment without fear of an irate neighbor banging on the ceiling with a broom stick. (Oh, yes!)


Know that commuting doesn't automatically mean a sleepy surburban town. There are neighborhoods like Long Beach, NY on Long Island's south shore that offer an abundance of daytime activities and a fashionable nightlife.


A paradigm shift to the benefits of suburban family life creeps up on you slowly. Will you be ready to move when it happens?


I can help with options.








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Your Suburban Life - Are You Ready?
Your Suburban Life - Are You Ready? Hot Brooklyn neighborhoods come with exorbitant pricetags. Familiar names like Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Sunset Park, Kensington, Clinton Hill and a host of others are rarely within reach for young families… more