Into each life, some confetti must fall

As an overworked adult, it may feel "normal" to you to be tired and stressed all the time. Like me, you may not even remember to miss what it is you are lacking. Pure, unadulturated joy is the most wonderful gift you will ever receive but it can be fleeting and scarce after the early years.Little Ballerina Dance


When the sound of your own laughter scares you, because it's been so long since you've heard it, it may be time to take things down a notch and smell the proverbial rose.  After all, everyone wants the same thing - to be alive and well. Great pleasure and childish delight may be one path to that end.


I met my daughter in the city and we caught a Broadway matinee I've been wanting to see for a while, Mathilda. It is good clean fun for the entire family. As it were, last minute tickets were available for box seats. While they sounded awesome, in reality, they were awful as we couldn't see anything happening mid-stage and extending the rest of the way to the left.


At intermission, we changed our seats to some that remained unfilled - sixth row orchestra, dead center. They seemed awesome and actually were. There were lively numbers involving swings and scooters and touching ones too. We were close enough to see the actors' faces and expressions and not so close as to get spit upon as they articulated; well, you get the picture.


While I had read Mathilda the book and seen the movie, I knew nothing of how the play had been choreographed. 


Around 13 years ago, I went into the city with my husband and youngest daughter to see the ball drop on New Year's eve - something you ought to do at least once, even if you are a lifelong New Yorker, as I am.


We arrived about 5 P.M. which added up to about 7 hours of wait time. If you've watched it on T.V., then you know you are penned in pretty tightly and you can't leave for food, bathrooms etc. Yes, it was cold that winter night but spirits were high and that kept us engaged. The entire time, I kept repeating to fellow revelers that it wasn't so bad and I'd be willing to do it all over again.


Finally, the euphoria of countdown began and concluded with confetti falling from the sky. Now, if we had only been half a block closer, or the wind had been blowing in just the right direction, it would have fallen on our heads. Alternately, we could have arrived sometime later, thereby reducing our standing time, and been far enough away as to have managed our expectations. Neither of the above occurred and I left Times Square feeling let down.


My daughter fondly remembers sitting on the pavement and playing cards with strangers all night long and my husband cares not at all about these things.


As silly as it may sound, these teeniest of disappointments actually do add up but, as adults, we learn to tuck them away in a safe place, never to be revisited.


Summertime, 2016 and the same daughter who came out with us that New Year's eve is a very grown-up 21 years old. We spent the day in the city.


Although Mathilda has been out for some time, this is a spoiler alert for those who wish to see it but haven't yet. The final scene concludes with confetti and it came as a tremendous surprise and such joy because we were lucky enough to be seated just right for the second act.


That small detail wasn't lost on my daughter who exclaimed, "mom, it's the confetti you always wanted!"


My takeaways - in life, there may always exist the possibility of a do-over. We don't know where and when.

Seek joy in even the smallest things, like that next great cup of coffee. Those are the moments that keep us going.


Longfellow famously said, "into each life, some rain must fall."

When you can, substitute confetti.







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Into each life, some confetti must fall
As an overworked adult, it may feel "normal" to you to be tired and stressed all the time. Like me, you may not even remember to miss what it is you are lacking. Pure, unadulturated joy is the most wonderful gift you will ever receive but… more