A Listing Presentation Amidst Disarray

A Listing Presentation Amidst Disarray


"You came highly recommended" was the feedback I received when the homeowner called to tell me that the family had decided to work with someone else.


As far as Mr. Seller was concerned,  both REALTORS®, up for the estate sale, were equal in terms of knowledge, dependability etc. but the other agent's local office was the last deciding factor.  


My frank response was that I mainly work from home and my GPS directions read 6 minutes to his house. Naturally, I went into deeper detail about how modern technology has changed our industry, and more than 90% of buyers start their search online.

None of that is really important, though, because I didn't change his mind. He may or may not have genuinely believed the local brokerage was integral to the success of his transaction. 

However, I have picked up a thing or two about the decision-making process in the last couple of years.

And what I learned was that his rationale was, more than likely, just that.

The core emotion underneath his decision was trust, or, more accurately, the lack of it.

As I entered the premises, I found myself in competition with other activity. The husband showed me around the property while his wife was kept busy with other family members who were there to see if they could make good use of the furniture, assorted knick knacks and other mementos that were being cleared from the residence.

It was, somewhat, chaotic.

Except for a greeting and a final couple of minutes where everyone stood near the front door, I had no interaction with the wife; the obvious decision maker.

I blame myself for failing to build rapport and convey an air of trust.

An instructor, once, taught that guests sit at the dining room table while family sits in the kitchen. Standing by the door is never an appropriate way to conduct business.

The circumstances surrounding this listing presentation were less than ideal and will not be repeated.

The homeowners are lovely people. Just calling to inform me of their decision shows a level of class not often seen in our line of work.

I deeply regret the missed opportunity to get to know them better.





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A Listing Presentation Amidst Disarray
A Listing Presentation Amidst Disarray "You came highly recommended" was the feedback I received when the homeowner called to tell me that the family had decided to work with someone else. As far as Mr. Seller was concerned, both… more