All About CatsIN THE INTEREST OF FULL DISCLOSURE, I have to admit that I have never considered myself a cat person. Something about their stubborn, self-sufficient ways and their standoffish attitude has never resonated with me.

HOWEVER, with the recent opening of the adorable ALL ABOUT CATS in Freeport, NY, my curiosity was piqued sufficiently to delve a little deeper into the mysterious feline world.

A CORE GROUP consisting of former shelter volunteers worked tirelessly and whole-heartedly to realize this safe haven for cats. Two women in particular, Cindy and Valerie, met regularly to discuss the concept and scout locations. They used personal funds to achieve their dream and less than a year later, the fruits of their labor are evident: a site that is dedicated to everything cat - rescue, adoption and store.

ROSEMARIE, is  a conscientious and caring agent who works alongside me in real estate. She also happens to be a volunteer supervisor at the self-sustaining ALL ABOUT CATS.  By her own admission, she feels a special connection to them and can "sense when they are not feeling well or have hurt themselves even before she gets close." Rosemarie recalls that even as a child she had a strong inclination to rescue cats and would often pick up strays from the street and hide them in her room.  Fellow agents have good-naturedly joked that scarcely 20 minutes can go by without the conversation finding its way back again to her topic of choice: cats.

kittens playing
Rosemarie beams with pride as she tells me about the first save of this immaculate new shelter.  A six-week old kitten was found on the street so dehydrated, the vet gave him a 50/50 chance of survival. A concerted group effort and round-the-clock care nursed him back to health and, at about nine weeks, the kitten was adopted. The team approach was critical in this instance and all the volunteers rose to the challenge.

The greater number of daylight hours apparently coincides with the start of kitten season. These days, the telephone rings constantly as a large number of people call to take advantage of the services the organization offers. The volunteers are extremely knowledgeable and are well equipped to give out sound advice about cat care and behavioral issues. During less busy seasons, they sometimes have the capacity to take in kittens but, crucial to a successful scenario, is that they not be feral.

All About Cats
has a large number of volunteers but can always use more. Foster moms are necessary to watch over the kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. Passersby will sometimes stop in and offer their help. Any commitment of time is always appreciated as it is integral to the well-being of the structure's overall mission - quality of life for our feline friends!

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IN THE INTEREST OF FULL DISCLOSURE I have to admit that I have never considered myself a cat person. Something about their stubborn, self-sufficient ways and their standoffish attitude has never resonated with me. HOWEVER with the recent… more